Insurance Adjusters

Since 2002, AirSpec has provided indoor air quality expertise to the top echelon homeowners insurance companies and to leading independent insurance agencies. 


Insurance adjusters value expert credentials. We have certified industrial hygienists and certified indoor air quality consultants on staff.

Our in-house records show that we normally visit the claimant site within two days and average a seven day turnaround on reports. 

Homeowners and Renters

We provide the same quality of assessment services to private homeowners and renters as we do to large corporations and insurance companies.

You will receive the same quick turnaround time and the same quality inspections and reports. Our reports are highly desireable documentation for legal casework and they can also be used in the buying/selling process of residential and commercial properties. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help you end your mold and/or indoor air quality issues.

Remediators and Builders

As a builder, you are faced with numerous obstacles during the construction process. Unfortunately, accidents can happen. Water infiltration events can increase expenses and raise concerns about indoor air quality and the safety of future occupants. We can assist you in mold remediation consulting and your client relationships.

As a remediator, you are faced with keeping in compliance with the Florida Mold Laws and justifying your services to homeowners and insurance companies. You may also be asked to prove that your structural drying services were conducted properly and efficiently. AirSpec can verify that no mold growth has occurred. AirSpec can also provide post-remediation inspections. You should always have a third-party company verify that your remediation, cleaning, and removal was done professionally and accurately.