AirSpec can perform a wide variety of services for your indoor air quality needs. Detailed below are some of our more popular assessment services.


  • Cause and Origin investigations for water infiltration and/or mold growth

  • Mold Assessments and/or Mold Remediation Protocols

  • Post-Mold Remediation Inspections

  • Roof Storm Damage Assessments

  • Indoor Air Quality Investigations to determine the cause of indoor illness

  • Post Water Infiltration Assessments to verify or deny mold growth

  • Chinese Drywall assessment

  • VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)

  • Allergen Sampling

  • Investigations to discover structural water leaks

  • Mold spore sampling (air, tape lifts, or swabs)

  • Clandestine Drug Lab (Meth Lab) verification, cleaning protocols, and post-remediation inspections

  • OSHA compliance solutions

  • Industrial Hygiene and Safety Consulting

  • LEED Consulting

  • Expert Witness Testimony/Services

  • IIRC Category 3 Water Damage